Often Sleepy And Weak In The Elderly?

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Excuse me, doc I want to ask. Some time ago I often complained of drowsiness all the time, my body was limp and hot and coughing. Then I was taken to the hospital and treated. even the symptoms arise again. What actions should we take?

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First of all, I want to confirm, has a CT scan or MRI of the brain been done to confirm the presence of oxygenation to the brain?

Symptoms of drowsiness and weakness can occur due to many causes. In the elderly (or referred to as geriatric patients) the causes can be even more varied, so in the elderly it is necessary to do a more complete laboratory and radiological examination. The following are some possible causes of frequent sleepiness and weakness in the elderly:

lack of sleep and other sleep disorders (insomnia, sleep apnea or stopping breathing during sleep) side effects of certain medications nutritional disorders and dehydration of acute infections (eg pneumonia, urinary tract infections, gastrointestinal infections, etc.) chronic infections (eg tuberculosis, HIV , chronic hepatitis B or C) chronic diseases (for example heart problems, kidney disorders, liver disorders, cancer, etc.) other diseases (for example anemia, thyroid hormone disorders, addison diseases, electrolyte disorders, etc.) You should bring your grandmother to herself to internist. Internal medicine doctor who will later conduct further examinations of your grandmother to see the possible causes of weakness and drowsiness that she is experiencing at this time.

Some things to do:

Make sure your grandmother eats well and gets good nutrition from her food Drinking sufficient quantities every day Get enough sleep and rest every day (7-8 hours a day) Ask your grandmother to improve her sleep patterns Control to her heart doctor regularly if there is a history of illness certain of the heart

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