Often Sneeze And Sneeze Clear Odorous Clear Liquid?

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Good morning, I want to ask, I have been experiencing nose discharge for months, when I sneeze when I clean, I sneeze constantly, and I push my nose and I rub it, after that my nose every day releases clear liquid but not snot and smell like pus it usually every morning and if after sneezing every time I looked down the liquid always comes out sometimes the color is more yellowish sometimes smells sometimes not, what are these symptoms? Thank you 🙂

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Good morning, thanks for the question

The condition of thick and smelly mucus is not a normal condition and may be caused by other diseases

Some possible causes are:

- Nasal polyps

Is a benign growth of nasal mucous walls. Smelling secretions are caused by the accumulation of fluid that forms the mass of polyps.

- Sinusitis

Smelling nasal discharge is caused by a bacterial infection in the sinuses around the nose. Other complaints include facial pain, decreased ability to smell, fever, headache.

- dental infection

The growth of bacteria in the teeth causes breath to smell and odor that smells from the nose.

- Tonsil stones

Tonsils can be a place of accumulation of dead sex cells, saliva, mucus, and food particles forming stones in the tonsil folds. If infected with germs can cause unpleasant odors to the nose and mouth.

Most of the cases above can be resolved completely with adequate treatment. But if the cause is a sinus infection the possibility of recurrence of similar symptoms is very possible. Make further consultations with your doctor so you can do a direct physical examination so that the cause can be identified.

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