Often Sweat Only On The Head At Night After A Risky Relationship?

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I once did risky activities but I felt symptoms not like those on the internet where I only experienced heat in the neck and even then when I thought of strange things, then night sweats but only once and only the sweaty area was only the upper face of the delet with hair and now never again. Until now there are no other symptoms such as fever, inflammation, flu, dry cough, night sweats for prolonged diarrhea, etc. Is it all can be caused by thinking that is too anxious or can be caused by symptoms of HIV (nauzubillahmindzalik)?

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Hello, thanks for asking.

HIV as you may have read, is a virus that attacks the body's immunity in general. This means that the symptoms can vary greatly depending on the organ that is experiencing the problem. The whole system in the body can be attacked by HIV after the virus enters the body, that is why the symptoms are very diverse. Early HIV symptoms that occur about 2-6 weeks after exposure, are generally mild and cannot be distinguished from general viral infections. Symptoms such as flu so people with HIV are generally not aware of it. As you mentioned, all of these symptoms can be felt by people with HIV / AIDS.

But it is also possible that someone feels symptoms that are not typical due to psychological stress due to fear and worry about HIV infection. The only way to determine whether you have HIV is to have an HIV test. You can join the VCT (HIV counseling and testing) program at a hospital or puskesmas that provides this service. The doctor will ask for a history of your risky actions and you are expected to tell them honestly and chronologically. The doctor will then send you for an HIV test. HIV testing can be aimed at finding HIV antigens or antibodies, calculating HIV viral load, and assessing the CD status of your white blood cells. Generally in someone with HIV, 3 months after exposure to risky actions, if indeed there is an HIV virus, then at this time antibodies will already be formed. The test results will be sent to the doctor in secret, and the doctor will explain to you.

While this avoids all forms of risky actions, use a condom if you are still going to have sex, tell your partner honestly about your worries. Make sure you still get the optimal nutrition. Hopefully this answer can help you. Regards.

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