Ointment For Surgical Scars?

Is the gentamicin sulfate ointment for the eyes really used for postoperative wounds? Thank you

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Need to be clear, what operation did you undergo before? What kind of injury do you mean? Did the doctor directly prescribe the ointment to you?

Surgical scars have different healing times, depending on the type of surgery, the location of the wound, the size and depth of the wound, the treatment given, the patient's activity and mobility, nutritional intake, general health condition of the patient, and history of previous illnesses. These scars often can heal well if given the right treatment according to doctor's advice.

Obstacles to the process of wound healing can be caused by infection, excessive mobility, bleeding disorders, and various other factors. This condition can require different treatment from the cause and condition of the wound at this time. Not always, these healing obstacles need to be treated with antibiotic ointments (including gentamicin sulfate ointment as you mentioned). Provision of this ointment is only needed if the surgical wound shows signs of infection, such as festering, wet, giving off a bad odor, and so on. Selection of the right type and preparation of antibiotics should only be done by a doctor who checks directly to minimize harmful side effects.

Therefore, we recommend that you do not use any ointment carelessly without direct advice from a doctor. Treat your scar as well as recommended by your doctor. If you find that your wound has not healed or is showing signs of infection, do not hesitate to go back to the doctor or surgeon who operated on you before, right?

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