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Hello wr, wb, Excuse me doctor I want to ask about 3 months ago I went to the skin poly, at that time I was given a recipe for ointment concoction that turned out after the dirs were finished, so I bought it at the pharmacy, the ointment was two, one. There was a small jar. the size of a thumb, the color is white (65rb) the second is the same but the color is creamy. For the use of both ointments are mixed and smeared. What is a doctor? 🙏🙏

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Good evening Raffa Ulushi, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

Basically, all concoctions, which know the contents are doctors who prescribe the concoctions, and every name of the drug mixed into them will not be included on the drug packaging such as non-concoction drugs, and concoctions never have a specific brand except for drugs The concoction has been patented and can indeed be traded without a prescription.

Therefore, even if you describe it in sufficient detail above, it will not be predictable by other doctors or even pharmacists who have previously mixed the drug itself, because as previously stated, only doctors will be able to prescribe the concoction. If you really want to use the drug again, you should check back to the doctor who previously examined you. Your doctor will also re-check the condition of your skin again before finally re-prescribing the concoction because it is not certain that your current skin condition still needs the concoction.

For now, there is no better recommendation than to go back to the doctor and ask the doctor for your prescription again. It is highly not recommended to replace the drug with other medicines without any clear advice from your doctor.

I hope this helps.

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