Old Dextra Specifics, Active?

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Good afternoon, this way, after I joined the MCU for new employees, the results I got were temporary benefits. The reason was that the TB in the right lung had spots on it even though I had no cough symptoms or lack of appetite. But the company still provides the opportunity for consultation with a lung specialist. N nFor the record, I do have a history of spotting when I was 9-10 years old and have had 6 months of complete treatment. n nAfter I consulted a pulmonary specialist he told me to do an X-ray and sputum test. My x-rays got a diagnosis like this. N n “Pulmo: cloudy spots on the right apex. NHill is a bit wide. NImpression: Old Dextra Specific, Active. ” N nWhile waiting for the results of the BTA sputum test I want to ask what the purpose of the X-ray diagnosis? What are my old spots? Or has my old illness recurred? N nThank you.

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Hello Alfian! Thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

Pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) is a disease caused by infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis in the lungs. Patients are declared cured if no TB germs are found after undergoing treatment for at least 6 months. Patients who have undergone 6 months of complete treatment are not necessarily cured. The patient needs to be checked for sputum again and it is stated that the TB germs are no longer found. In patients who have been declared cured, some patients experience relapses due to re-infection of TB germs or reactivation of TB germs in the remaining body. In order to establish a relapse, the patient will need to undergo another sputum examination, as you are currently doing. If it is positive, check the sputum to determine if you can still be treated with the usual anti-TB drugs or need special treatment.

Determining whether or not TB relapses is not recommended using only X-rays, especially if the patient is not showing any symptoms. Cloudy patches indicate pulmonary infiltrates which usually occur in patients with pulmonary infections. The infection in question does not have to be caused by TB, but can be due to other lung infections. Infection in TB usually attacks the upper lung (apex). Dextra in Latin means right. The hull is the entry point for the airways, blood vessels, and nerves in the lungs. In this area there are also lymph nodes in the lungs. Enlargement or dilation of the hilum can be caused by infection in the lungs due to TB. In other words, the results of the X-rays you mentioned may indeed point to TB that has returned to activity (relapse). However, other possible causes cannot be ruled out. To find out if TB has recurred, a sputum smear examination is required.

Get plenty of rest and drink water. Avoid cigarettes or other burning fumes. Eat well-nourished and balanced foods, increase protein, such as fish, chicken and eggs. Open doors and windows to allow sunlight to enter and keep air circulating. Don't cough or throw phlegm anywhere. Bring your sputum BTA back later to the pulmonologist. Discuss with your doctor what therapy you need to undergo next. Always try to follow your doctor's advice so that you can recover quickly.

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