Old Eyes Mixed With Blood?

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Good morning, I want to ask, my baby, who is still 13 days old, has had her eyes a few days later and now her eyes are bleeding in the form of blood, why is that? Is that a danger?

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Hello Christianty,

In newborns up to about 2-3 months of age, tear ducts are not fully developed. This condition will make the baby prone to blockage of the tear ducts, causing watery eyes and becoming cramped when the child is asleep. Generally, tearing due to blocked tear ducts will get better over time. Some tips that can be done when the baby is fatigued, namely:

Clean the baby's eyes with sterile gauze moistened with boiled water, make sure 1 gauze 1x wipe then replace the gauze yes
Wash hands before and after cleaning baby's eyes
Gently massage the corner of the eye near the nose
Avoid giving eye drops or ointment without a doctor's prescription
Try not to get your eyes exposed to soapy water or shampoo

However, if the discharge is yellow-green and comes out continuously accompanied by red eyes, the baby has difficulty opening the eyes, or the baby seems uncomfortable, it is necessary to think about other conditions that cause tearing, such as neonatal infection with conjunctivities, allergies, or irritation to certain substances. If there is a cause like this, it will require treatment from a doctor.

Regarding blood, is it a liquid that drips like tears or blood like red spots on the whites of the eyes? Bleeding eyes can be caused by several reasons, such as subconjunctival bleeding (for example from crying, straining, or sneezing strongly), trauma to the eye, acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis, hyphema (blood on the black part of the eye), and blood clotting disorders.

I suggest that you check your child with a pediatrician first so that the doctor can do a direct examination of your child's eyes. Once the condition is confirmed, the doctor will provide the right treatment for your child. Treatment will be adjusted to your child's condition, for example with eye drops, eye ointment, or if necessary, it will be consigned to other relevant departments, such as an ophthalmologist for further treatment.

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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