Older Hands Hurt After Being Scratched By Wood?

Illustration of Older Hands Hurt After Being Scratched By Wood?
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Good afternoon Dr. I want to ask my grandfather, he said he had a slight wood cut on his left hand. But after one week my grandfather felt his hand stiff, finally his hands were folded across his chest. The next day my grandfather felt excruciating pain in the back of his stomach, back of the neck, his hands were cramped until he cried. This is now being treated in an isolation room, giving oxygen to breath because if you don’t use it a little tightness, then every time your hands recur, they have cramps, make movement a little sick, feel sick. The doctor said the poison has spread, but it can recover in a long time depending on the person. sufferers. what do the doctors think about it? It’s a common symptom that can be cured even after a long time, or how dr?

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Hello dear Goddess, thank you for your question

Tetanus is a neurological disease caused by anaerobic bacterial infection, namely Clostridium tetani. These bacteria spread dangerous toxins / poisons, causing symptoms:

spasms (muscle stiffness) cannot open the jaw (clenched tightly) or trismus is difficult to swallow respiratory problems. These bacteria infect the body through dirty wounds, namely wounds contaminated by soil or animal / human feces.

The diagnosis of tetanus is made by doctors based on clinical symptoms that appear, no specific laboratory results are required. The principle of handling:

interrupting seizures and preventing seizures, namely by using muscle relaxants and sedatives to clean dirty wounds neutralizing toxins that spread to the body, through administration of tetanus immunoglobulin to stop the production of neurotoxins, namely by killing bacteria through giving antibiotics when respiratory problems occur, breathing aids are used (ventilator) ensures that nutrition is maintained through a feeding tube or infusion. The patient is treated intensively in an isolation room, which is a dark and quiet room to prevent seizures giving tetanus vaccine Considering tetanus is an infectious disease, if the patient gets proper and fast treatment, it is still possible be healed. However, this depends on the health condition of each patient, as well as the severity of the disease before treatment and complications during treatment. For that, discuss this with the neurologist who treats your grandfather because this doctor best understands your grandfather's current health condition.

Hopefully this is useful

dr. Lili

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