On March 25 My Friend Accident.

Illustration of On March 25 My Friend Accident.
Illustration: On March 25 My Friend Accident.

My friend accident on the night of March 25 kmren … then brought the puskesmas d sewing his knee … 9 stitches … then d bandages from there … 3 days later returned to the puskesmas to change the bandages .. . after the medicine from the puskesmas ran out of knee, it felt like I was aching at the knee … then I tried X-ray … it turned out that the kneecap was broken … then referred to pku … but using a kis card to make it rather cheap … but it was clear that after a day staying there … not immediately operating … because my friend used to be sick but it was smbuh … so that my party did not dare to operate my friend’s knee … with corona reasons …. what is the relationship between knee surgery with tuberculosis that has been cured … can it be corona pain? … then can you infect others? Is that the beginning of corona right?

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The current condition with an outbreak if you are in a local transmission area is actually a risk factor for corona especially if there are symptoms such as

Sputum production
Stomach ache
Itching on the skin area
Red eye

This should be watched out for. Associated with previous lung disease can be a risk of being infected more easily such as asthma, obstructive pulmonary disease, abnormalities due to chronic infection. Besides other diseases are diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

For now hospitals and health services are limiting for surgical procedures especially if the surgery will perform general anesthesia because the general anesthesia of the risk of corona infection to spread in the air is higher based on a number of studies from abroad so for the procedure it is necessary to be certain that someone is right in healthy condition. In connection with the need for knee cap surgery, it is advisable to consult further with the treating orthopedic doctor so that it can be considered whether immediate surgery is needed, surgery can be postponed, or non-surgical treatment

Thus information may be useful

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