On March 25 My Friend Had An Accident.

Illustration of On March 25 My Friend Had An Accident.
Illustration: On March 25 My Friend Had An Accident.

Doc, if the kneecap is broken because of the accident, what should be taken to take it? If there is no surgery, what is the risk? Does it still work when the shell is taken?

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Hello Ulien Fauziah,

Patellar fracture is a fracture of the kneecap. Most often due to mechanical trauma such as a violent collision during a traffic accident or sports injury. Symptoms of a broken kneecap are:

Knee pain
Swelling in the knee
Unable to move the affected knee and cannot lift the leg in a straightened knee
The results of the touch of the kneecap are not normal

The diagnosis of a knee cap fracture is obtained from the results of a physical examination and also simple investigations such as X-ray of the knee bone. Broken knee bones can be accompanied by other injuries that involve joints, ligaments, and muscles around the knee.

Not all kneecap fractures require surgery. If the type of fracture is non displaced (two fracture fragments do not shift position) and the patient is able to lift the leg with a straightened knee, then conservative treatment can be performed and natural bone healing can occur. Conservative treatment includes placing the cast from the thigh to the foot or installing a knee stabilizer with the aim of immobilizing the knee joint.

The purpose of surgery is to restore the fracture position of the knee to its original position and maintain the correct position by installing metal material in the form of wire, pins, and special nuts. If the fracture has been connected in the correct position, it is hoped that natural bone healing will result in the final result being normal. Small pieces of bone that are impossible to put together will be discarded.

Surgery to remove the entire bone of the kneecap is done if a fracture that occurs causes the kneecap to break into pieces so that no more large fragments can be maintained. Patients who undergo surgery remove the entire knee bone (patellectomy) will experience knee joint instability and decreased joint function.

Every patellar fracture patient needs a rehabilitation process to be able to optimize knee function after an injury.

Complications due to a kneecap fracture that are not handled properly are:

Infection of the surrounding bone and tissue. Broken bones during an accident can be accompanied by an open wound that can be the entrance to infection.
Non-union fracture or malunion fracture - bone fractures do not connect or connect but in the wrong position.
Chronic knee pain
Chronic inflammation of the knee joint

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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