One Month Old Baby Rarely Drinks Milk?

Illustration of One Month Old Baby Rarely Drinks Milk?
Illustration: One Month Old Baby Rarely Drinks Milk?

Hello my name is jeje, I have a baby who is about 2 days away stepping in 3 months, the complaint is, my baby was born at the first time and still 1.2 months old, he was very drunk on drinking milk, 2 hours already drinking milk even once an hour too ever. now I’m so sorry drinking milk always refuses, I will wake up at 8 am until 1 o’clock do not drink milk, even though I have given him to force him to remain refused I worry about my baby’s growth being hampered because of drinking milk so like that, is it normal ?? But if the night or midnight he will wake up asking for milk only 2 or 3 times. (I only give breast milk for 3 weeks) Now that you drink Bebelove 1 formula milk, I beg for your help. Thank you

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Good morning Jeje, thanks for asking at We understand your concern. When a baby becomes difficult to drink milk, the probable cause must be analyzed from a variety of factors. The first thing to consider is gaining weight. Because after all, one of the main objectives of the baby must consume milk is to gain weight. If with the current frequency of breastfeeding, your baby still has an ideal and appropriate weight gain, so even if you see the frequency becoming infrequent, that is really all he needs. Conversely, despite drinking milk often, but if her weight does not increase, it means that the frequency of breastfeeding is still lacking.

Then, if indeed your baby's decreasing frequency of breastfeeding is also followed by inappropriate weight gain, then among the possibilities that need to be considered is other intake besides milk that makes him full, or the composition of the milk is too thick so he feels full longer , certain medical conditions, such as bloated babies, gastrointestinal disorders and so on, and need to be considered also about pacifiers that may not be comfortable to use anymore, have certain odors so that he does not feel comfortable using these pacifiers, and if your baby's condition consumes breast milk, cleanliness Breast nipples from certain chemicals also affect the baby's desire to breastfeed.

To find this out, it is important for you to have your child checked by a pediatrician because it is necessary to measure your weight and look for potential diseases. With a direct examination, it will be easier for your pediatrician to assess the tendency of his condition, and what treatment should be given specifically based on the cause. In the meantime, pay attention to any symptoms that your child is showing, and keep giving milk as usual. Do not give food or other drinks besides milk before he turns 6 months old. So, hopefully answering your question.

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