One-month Toothache Solution In The Right Lower Jaw But Not Swollen?

hello I have a toothache for about 1 month, in the right lower jaw, not swollen, feeling sick if every time I brush my teeth.

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Hello Muhammad Elza, thank you for the question on

In general, the causes of pain in the teeth can be caused by 2 kinds of basic causes, namely:

Damage to the tooth itself or the surrounding structures that support the tooth (eg cavities, tooth decay, tooth abscesses, inflammation of the gums etc.) Damage to the tooth structure and surrounding tissue can also be divided into several possibilities based on the duration of occurrence tooth pain, for example in your case, the possibility of tooth decay that has been long enough for months can be caused by inflammation of the tooth pulp that is still temporary or permanent and also death of the roots of teeth that have been permanent. Abnormalities outside the teeth (such as stiffness in the jaw muscles, facial nerve damage, inflammation of the blood vessels of the head, etc.) Because the causes of pain in the teeth are quite diverse, it is advisable to check your condition to the dentist to determine which causes a complaint to you, is it because of damage to the teeth or caused by something else outside the teeth. After finding the exact cause, your dentist will determine what therapy should be carried out by you to eliminate the cause and your complaints, you may also be advised to seek treatment from a general practitioner or certain specialist to get more optimal therapy if the cause is not caused by abnormalities in the teeth.

For the time being, you should always maintain dental hygiene in a good and correct way, avoiding brushing your teeth too hard. It is also recommended to limit the consumption of foods and drinks that are sour and sweet because it can damage teeth. Also avoid consuming foods that are too cold or too hot.

I hope this helps.

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