Only Convulsions During Sleep Without Heat In A 9-year-old Child?

Illustration of Only Convulsions During Sleep Without Heat In A 9-year-old Child?
Illustration: Only Convulsions During Sleep Without Heat In A 9-year-old Child?, I want to ask. Not long ago, my son had a seizure up to 3 times without heat and only while sleeping. Every day, he was still normal like other children. However, now, the distance between the second and third seizures is only two weeks adrift. The first seizure around the middle of this year (a few months hoax) Keep in mind, my child is 9 years old, tends to be tall with a weight less than 30kg and height ± 120cm. play often enough with friends even late to eat, it’s been quite often lately. At night, as long as it is tired and cold (sometimes bathing night, eating ice cream night, drinking cold), not long sleep then the incident. Before this incident, as a child ± 2 years old, my child suffered from lung spots. And already declared healed after treatment 6 months. And when he had this last seizure, it was not until 5 minutes, but the mouth was almost blue (accompanied by saliva) such as loss / shortness of breath. – Is Sleep disorder (Sleep Apnea) also can cause seizures … ?? Because my child used to snore quite fast. – I admit, when I was a girl, I had a history of apnea (not breathing during sleep), when I was sleeping if I was really tired. – What is the right examination for my child. Do I have to go to the ENT first, Neurologist, or LGG to the laboratory for a test … ?? Sorry too long, because it really made us, Really scared .. Thank you for your attention. Slam

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Hello Putrafi,

Thank you for the question.

The quality and quantity of sleep that you drink, including the effects of sleep apnea, can indeed trigger seizures. However, if this seizure has been repeated more than 2 times, chances are that is not the originator. Not all children with mothers with sleep apnea will also experience the same disease. Various other conditions, including epilepsy, hyponatremia (lack of sodium in the blood), side effects of drugs (such as cocaine, amphetamines, anti-pain, anti-depressants), alcoholism and alcohol withdrawal syndrome, meningitis, encephalitis, brain tumors, head injuries, cerebral aneurysm ruptures , stroke, and some types of metabolic disorders can also trigger seizures. Of course, besides giving anti-seizure medication, this seizure must also be treated definitively starting from the root cause of the seizure. So, definitive treatment cannot be done if the cause of the seizure has not been identified properly.

Need to be clarified, exactly what kind of seizures that your child has experienced so far?

Your child's condition should be examined directly by a doctor or neurologist for a more comprehensive evaluation, including involving blood tests, x-rays, CT scans, electroencephalography (EEG, brain record), lumbar puncture, MRI, PET scan, or other supporting tests. That way, then the doctor can determine the best management of the condition.

Before going to the doctor, we advise you not to just give your child any medicine. The good, you first reduce your panic, and live the following steps:

Note the things that often trigger your child's seizures, and as much as possible avoid these triggers
Encourage your child to get enough sleep, at least 6 hours a day
Limit yourself from using excessive gadgets
Keep his days busy with positive activities, including studying, exercising, don't get him close to promiscuity, including drug, nicotine and alcohol abuse
Do not allow your child to do dangerous activities, including swimming or driving, alone without adult supervision
If the seizure recurs, do not put anything in his mouth, lay the child on a flat and not too soft base, tilt his body to prevent choking, loosen his clothes, and take him immediately to the nearest health facility

Hope this helps ...

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