Oral Herpes?

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Doctor, I seem to have herpes on two corners of my lips, what should I do to anticipate transmission to my children who are still toddlers? And what medicine is good for oral herpes?

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Hi Hilda,

Oral herpes is caused due to herpes simplex virus infection. Symptoms are blisters or fluid resemblance filled with fluid that feels hot, itchy, tingling, and can be accompanied by complaints of fever, muscle aches, pain in swallowing, and swollen lymph nodes.

Transmission of oral herpes is through kissing, cutlery, makeup, and skincare that is used around the wound. Management of oral herpes is with antiviral and pain medication if necessary.

I suggest that you see a doctor directly first to determine whether your condition is correct because of oral herpes or not and so you can get a more appropriate treatment.

Some tips that you can do to accelerate healing and prevent transmission include:

 Get plenty of rest Try not to make direct contact with others, especially children and pregnant women. Do not use cutlery together with other families. Avoid using skincare or makeup alternately until healed. Maintain cleanliness of the lips and mouth. Do not peel or scratch the injured area. oral sex until healed Consumption of foods that are easily swallowed, avoid spicy food, too hot, sour or salty for a while Hopefully it can help you,

Thank you

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