Oral Treatment For Cold Allergy Sufferers?

night,. Some days I have a cold allergy so I take Cetirizin. but after a few days I itched in the vaginal area until rectum. because I can’t stand it until I scratch it when it hurts so much it tastes: ‘(I clean it feels like it hurts hot.

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Taking cetirizine, if you do it right, should not increase your risk of developing candidiasis. What needs to be clarified at this time, are you suffering from candidiasis? Have you seen a doctor and been diagnosed with candidiasis? Did you consume cetirizine on a prescription from a doctor?

Itching around the vagina to the anus (rectum) is not always caused by candidiasis (a fungal infection of Candida sp.). It can also, itching arises due to other triggers, such as allergies, tinea cruris, scabies, miliaria, anal abscesses, folliculitis, hemorrhoids, contact dermatitis, insect bites or other animals, and so on. Excessive scratching of itchy skin can certainly cause irritation and abrasions that will feel painful and even hot, especially when exposed to water (for example when pooping). In addition, do not rule out also, stress due to experiencing itching that is very annoying causes you more prone to experiencing acne.

Your condition should be checked directly to a doctor or dermatologist. That way, the doctor can certainly identify the exact conditions that trigger your itching, then provide the right treatment. Before going to the doctor, it is strongly advised not to take any medication (including anti-itching or anti-fungal drugs) to avoid the risk of dangerous side effects.

To help you deal with itching around the vagina to the anus, and also to relieve pimples, you can first do the following:

Bathing diligently and cleanly Do not scratch the vagina until the anus is itchy in any way or tool Clean the vaginal area well until your anus is after defecation, urination, and after intercourse Make sure the water you use to clean the vaginal area until the anus is of high quality good and clean Always change your underwear regularly, at least 2 times a day Avoid using tight pants and made from heat Avoid risky sex Calm yourself, do not stress excessively --- excessive stress can actually aggravate the itchiness you feel Expand relaxation, meditation Wash your face cleanly using mild cleansing soap, specially formulated with anti-acne. Drink plenty of water. Hope it helps.

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