Orange Reddish Spots In The Urine Of A 5 Month Old Baby?

afternoon doctor. r my son is 5 months old, last night and this morning I saw that the urine was impaled, yes, the color of the urine was orange, I went to the clinic, he said, the effect of the food I consume, I have consumed 5-6 carrots a day. r nwhat should I do? r nDo I need to do a lab test? r nwhat are the tests? r nthank you.

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We understand the worries you are having. Normal urine is clear yellow. Concentrated urine indicates that the body is experiencing a lack of fluids. This indicator applies not only to adults, but to infants and children as well.

Changes in urine color can indicate a disorder that occurs in the urinary system or other disorders in the body. But often, under normal conditions, the change in color of urine is related to food / drink and medications being consumed

Related to your complaint, orange urine, or reddish spots can be caused by urate crystals depositing in the diaper. In this condition it is still fairly normal and lasts for a short time.

It should be noted that if the urine is reddish or brownish, it may be caused by other causes such as kidney problems, blood disorders such as hemolytic anemia, and the effect of the medication being consumed. Urinary tract infections can also affect the color of urine to become reddish or thick white. Babies / children are prone to developing urinary tract infections, especially those who are male. The symptoms and signs that are found also vary from fever, painful urination, changes in urine color and volume, the child is fussy and looks sick, etc.

A complete urinalysis or urine examination accompanied by microscopic examination can assess possible abnormalities.

Regarding your baby's condition, do an in-depth evaluation before doing a urine test. Because it could be that in addition to urate crystals depositing, other causes such as dehydration or lack of fluids can also result in changes in urine color. Some of the following suggestions that you can take as a precautionary measure and initial management for your baby at home, namely:

Continue to give fluids, if the baby is still breastfeeding, then increase the breastfeeding
Change the diaper often every 4-5 hours.
Don't forget to wash the area around the genitals when changing diapers and dry afterward
Evaluate in the next few days for color, urine volume, and smell
If the baby is not yet ready, the mother is advised to consume a balanced and nutritious diet for the nutritional needs of breastfeeding
Regular consumption of water for mothers who are breastfeeding babies

If the symptoms do not improve within a few days or get worse, do not hesitate to check with the nearest pediatrician to assess the exact cause and appropriate treatment. That is the information that I can convey, hope it helps

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