Other Treatments For Pulmonary Tuberculosis?

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, this week I got my sputum test results. It turned out that I was positive for TB. The doctor who treated me said, I had to take 9 months of short-term treatment, and 20 months of long-term treatment. And it must take medication every day in the hospital and there is an injection. The doctor said I shouldn’t work first, because of the side effects from the medicine. According to the doctor, are there other alternatives for TB treatment? like medicine can be brought home and taken at home. Because of this, I got TB 3 times. During the first and second treatments, I took medicine at home and there was no injection once. u003cstrong u003eSo, what do the doctors think, are there any other alternatives for the treatment of tuberculosis or drugs that can be taken home (like the first and second treatments that I took first). u003c / strong u003e Thank you

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Hello Dinda, thank you for asking to HealthReplies.com.
Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will answer the questions that you give.

Lung tuberculosis / pulmonary TB is an infection of the lungs caused by Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. This disease is commonly found in developing countries including Indonesia. Pulmonary TB is a disease that is easily transmitted because of its transmission through droplets / saliva splashes of someone.

The symptoms of pulmonary TB itself are that the patient will experience prolonged fever without apparent cause, prolonged cough (> 2 weeks), night sweats, coughing up blood (not all cases), and weight loss. Usually people will feel that they are healthy because the symptoms caused at the beginning of the infection are not so severe and will get worse afterwards.

The diagnosis of pulmonary TB itself can be done by extracting anamnesis from the symptoms felt by the patient, physical examination, and the most important is a supporting examination in the form of phlegm sputum check, or lung X-ray. Other tests can be carried out if there are suspected complications or other comorbidities that are likely to aggravate the patient's condition.

Pulmonary TB treatment is generally done for 6 months with a fixed combination of anti-tuberculosis drugs or can be called a category 1 treatment. Responding to questions you give about 9 months or up to 20 months with injection / injection of drugs in the hospital indicates that you are included in TB treatment category 2. This treatment is given to patients who have failed therapy, patients who have recurred after recovery, or patients who have dropped out of treatment. This recurring TB condition that returns after recovery is what requires you to undergo this category 2 therapy. Until now, this is the best therapeutic option you can go through.

At the moment some of the things you can do are:

Wear a mask at least until the BTA is declared negative.
Perform treatment routinely, and do not pass even one day because if passed is very dangerous for you because TB germs can be resistant to drugs.
Choose PMO / Superintendent taking medicine that can accompany you every treatment so that you do not get bored and continue to be enthusiastic about undergoing treatment.
Follow the advice of the doctor who examined you, considering the side effects of the drugs you consume can greatly interfere with your activities.
Be careful when interacting with family at home, avoid using cutlery together, kissing, or coughing carelessly because you can transmit the disease.
Get enough rest, and eat nutritious foods, to compensate for the side effects of the drug.

That's all my answer, thank you very much :)

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