Out Blood Spots At 23 Weeks Of Gestation?

Illustration of Out Blood Spots At 23 Weeks Of Gestation?
Illustration: Out Blood Spots At 23 Weeks Of Gestation? emergencymedicinecases.com

Hay. my widarsi image. I want to ask about my pregnancy, I am already 23 weeks pregnant, in the last 2 weeks I have had blood spots coming out, the mucus is mixed with blood and the blood is black and red … that’s why because of what … No waiting time but often 1 day 1 time can 3 spots out of spots ..

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bleeding spots in pregnancy should get serious medical attention. Bleeding that occurs during pregnancy can be due to various causes. From the situation you are experiencing, bleeding spots from 20-21 weeks of gestation may be caused by an abortion.

Abortion or miscarriage is a dangerous thing. Abortion is a condition in which there is a fetal discharge or fetal death at a gestational age of less than 20 weeks. Miscarriage can consist of various degrees, so that the abortion can cause initial symptoms such as blackish red spots appearing from the birth canal, can be accompanied by abdominal pain, and in an advanced state blackish tissue lumps can occur. Abortion can be affected due to excessive stress, lack of nutrition, a chronic disease, a history of previous miscarriage.

but besides that, the condition you are experiencing can also be caused by other causes such as:

Therefore, considering that abortion is dangerous for pregnancy, you should immediately see a doctor so that the doctor can check your condition directly. Maybe later there will be additional examinations such as ultrasound examination if necessary. Do not take any drugs during pregnancy.

get enough rest. Don't do activities or work that is too tired and heavy. Avoid excessive stress. Do not smoke.

here is an article that you can read about abortion

may be useful. Thank you

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