Out Of Breath

Illustration of Out Of Breath
Illustration: Out Of Breath

Hello doc, I want to ask you, Kaka and my aunt just returned from Jakarta to the village on 31-March-2020 Now I interacted with my aunt and sister.

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 As an effort to prevent and control the COVID-19 outbreak in Indonesia, everyone who enters an area or region is asked to actively and self-consciously isolate themselves independently in their own homes. While the family is actively asked to report the arrival of the family to the nearest health facility. Self-isolation was carried out for 14 days. If during this time the person experiences symptoms of high fever and / or symptoms of airway disorders (cough, runny nose, sore throat or shortness of breath) then the family must report immediately to medical personnel at the health facility. So, each of us should be able to take part in efforts to break the chain of transmission of the Corona virus.
 Now, with regard to the case that you and your family have experienced, it is better to do independent isolation on all family members who have just come from outside the area (in the last 14 days) and all family members who experience symptoms of high fever or airway disorders. This case must be reported by telephone or SMS to the nearest medical facility's medical personnel.
 Self-isolation is carried out in the following ways, namely:
 1. Insulation as far as possible is done in a separate room that has enough lighting and air ventilation.
 2. Avoid physical contact. Position yourself at least 1 m apart from others.
 3. Use a mask.
 4. Do the ethics of coughing and sneezing, which is covering the nose and mouth using the upper arm or using a hand over the previous tissue. Tisue is thrown directly into a closed landfill.
 5. Routinely wash your hands using soap and running water. Let the soap come into contact with the skin of your hands for at least 20 seconds. If hands are not dirty and difficult to get water, you can use alcohol-based hand sanitizers at least 60%.
 6. Disinfect the surface of objects that are often held.
 7. Use separate food and baths.
 8. Make efforts to increase endurance with a healthy lifestyle. Namely eating nutritious foods, regular exercise, adequate rest. Complete by consuming fruits high in vitamin C and supplements containing vitamin C.
 9. Don't forget to consume lots of warm water.
 Thus hopefully useful.

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