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I experienced shortness of breath after recovering from a fever. Why did it happen?

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Hello Rizal,

Thank you for your question on HealthReplies.com.

Based on your complaint, it cannot refer to one particular diagnosis. Erlu was interviewed and physical examined to determine a diagnosis. But I will try to describe some of the possible causes.

Fever is a process of the body's immune system fighting an infection causing a fever response. Apart from infection, fever can also be caused due to lack of fluids.

A fever is declared if the body temperature is above 37.5 degrees. And fever caused by infection, usually will be marked with other accompanying symptoms, such as cough, runny nose, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, headaches, etc.

However, fever caused by dehydration, not accompanied by any other symptoms. Patients will feel shivering and no other symptoms. Some sufferers of fever due to dehydration can also be accompanied by shortness of breath, especially tightness in the lower chest or upper abdomen. What is possible is triggered by an increase in acid in the stomach, due to poor diet.

Therefore, if the condition is very disturbing, then immediately consult a doctor. So that further inspection can be done.

May be useful. Always healthy :)

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