Ovarian Cancer

Illustration of Ovarian Cancer
Illustration: Ovarian Cancer

if both ovaries have cancer and are required to be removed, do they affect other reproductive systems?

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The female reproductive system basically consists of several reproductive organs which can be divided into 2 categories namely:

 Outer reproductive organs (genitalia) consisting of:
 Vulva (which includes piles of fat tissue in the pubic area (mons pubis), outer and inner pubic lips (labia), Bartolin gland and clitoris. Outer vagina Outer reproductive organs (genitalia) consisting of: Ovaries (ovaries) Oviducts (fallopian tube) Uterus Cervix The inner vagina of the ovary (which amounts to 2) is an organ that is very instrumental in forming female hormones and eggs so that if these organs (both) experience disorders such as cancer, fertility and the formation of female hormones that can affect also the function of the reproductive organs and also several other organs such as interfering with the process of vaginal lubrication, menstrual cycle disorders, bone loss, and others.

However, in general, removal of the two ovaries does not prevent a woman from having intercourse, except that her ovarian cancer has spread to other reproductive organs which causes the woman to undergo removal of several other reproductive organs.

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