Overcome Bedwetting Often In Adulthood?

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I experienced noctural enuresis, I concocted this other word because I was ashamed, I had a little question about it if I could be released from it? I including children who experience mental illness?

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Hi Anisa,

Nocturnal eneuresis is an accidental discharge of urine at night / sleep. This condition generally occurs in children because children have not been able to regulate their bladder properly. Nocturnal eneuresis is divided into 2, namely:

 Primary nocturnal eneuresis, this condition generally occurs since infancy and can settle secondary nocturnal eneuresis, this condition occurs in people who were previously able to regulate their bladder. Handling of eneuresis is done by overcoming the conditions of the cause. If there are no other causes, habits and behavior training needs to be done, namely:

 Avoiding foods / drinks that can increase urine production, for example coffee, alcohol or cold drinks Get a urge before bedtime Install alarms or reminders before certain hours You experience nocturnal eneuresis, this is so that you can urinate before nocturnal eneuresis occurs your sleep is not too far to access the toilet, provide a special pot to collect urine when needed Feeling of trauma due to experiencing an embarrassing event or a significant impact is human. However these conditions can trigger anxiety or acute stress disorder. You should not delay checking your doctor for your complaints (nocturnal eneuresis and trauma) to ascertain the cause of the complaint and get appropriate treatment.

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