Overcome Brittle Front Teeth?

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Good afternoon, my front teeth are gnarled .. How to do about 4 good teeth?

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Tears or brittle and cracked teeth can occur due to several possibilities:

Poor oral and dental hygiene, for example, irregular toothbrush, wrong way of brushing teeth
The habit of eating hard foods such as frequent biting of ice cubes, bones, hard candy
History of trauma or impact to the teeth
Tooth grinding (whether consciously or unconsciously)

Handling for teeth that have become thin, of course, must be adjusted to the size of the fracture or fracture that occurs in the tooth. You must consult directly with the dentist to treat this condition.

If the fracture is small, dental bonding can be performed, which is to fill and fill in the broken part so that the tooth shape returns to normal
If the fracture is small and occurs in the front teeth, dental veneers can be placed (tooth covers attached to the broken teeth so that their shape returns to normal)
If a large fracture or the tooth is very brittle and cannot be repaired, procedures such as dental crowns or tooth extraction and dental implants can be performed.
If you have a habit of grinding your teeth while sleeping, the dentist can also provide special tooth protection that you can use while you sleep

We recommend that you consult a dentist immediately. Handling it as soon as possible can prevent further tooth decay. Avoid eating hard foods in the future and avoid the habit of grinding your teeth. You must also maintain the cleanliness of your mouth and teeth by:

brush your teeth regularly, at least 2 times a day
brush your teeth the right way
use toothpaste containing fluoride
do regular dental cleaning with dental floss
have your teeth checked by the dentist every 6 months

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