Overcome Dizziness Nausea Due To Stomach Acid?

Illustration of Overcome Dizziness Nausea Due To Stomach Acid?
Illustration: Overcome Dizziness Nausea Due To Stomach Acid? Bing

amualaikum doctor. I am currently experiencing gastric acid, I have been examined by a doctor and given lancid, mucosta sm gerlidium. Indeed, the pain has decreased a lot but the nausea and dizziness why don’t you go away? Do I need to take medicine for dizziness? If you don’t know what dizziness medicine is safe for the stomach? Thank you

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Excessive gastric acid release can irritate the stomach lining so that it can cause complaints in the form of discomfort in the stomach, such as burning sensation in the pit of the stomach, bloating, fullness, nausea and even vomiting. The most common increase in stomach acid can be due to consumption of foods that can stimulate increased gastric acid production. Some of these foods include:

Spicy, sour and sour foods Beverages such as coffee, tea, alcohol and those containing soda Gas-containing foods such as cassava, cabbage and mustard greens Apart from these foods stress factors can also cause increased stomach acid. Therefore the best way is to take prevention so that complaints can be reduced or disappeared. If treatment is not accompanied by lifestyle changes, complaints tend not to disappear completely or will reappear.

Previously, you had to know in advance how you experienced complaints of dizziness, was the dizziness accompanied by spinning vision, was it difficult to get up, was the body weak? To get the right answer, you should consult your condition again with the doctor, so that you will be re-examined, in the form of questions and answers, physical and laboratory examination if necessary, so that the treatment given can be adjusted to the cause. Avoid taking drugs that are not prescribed directly by your doctor, because there are some drugs which, if taken continuously for a long period of time, can have side effects on your stomach.

Avoid stress, consume a balanced nutritious diet, drink plenty of water and do sports are steps you can take at home. Immediately consult your complaint again if the symptoms persist and interfere with your daily activities.

That's what I can say, I hope you get well soon.

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