Overcome Gum Injury Due To Broken Teeth?

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Hi,! R nI have had a broken tooth due to a crack in the past few years, so that there are parts of the gums that have been exposed quite wide. R n r nSeveral days ago I ate a food that was quite hard texture, so it seemed to injure the exposed gum. it is, precisely the inside. The next day a sores-like sores appeared on the gums and widened within a few days, making it difficult for me to consume food. R n r n My question is whether canker sores be dangerous and how to handle them. R n r nThanks before

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Mechanical injuries to the gums, including the result of consuming foods that have a hard texture, can cause injury to the gums which causes inflamed gums (gingivitis). Depending on the extent and depth of the wound, as well as the care you take for the injured gum, this condition can heal in a short time, but it can also widen until it is more difficult to cure. These injured gums, if they don't get proper treatment, can certainly cause quite annoying pain, especially when eating or talking.

Widespread wounds in the gums can also be worsened by secondary infection of the teeth. This condition usually arises if you do not maintain good oral hygiene. This secondary infection is more vulnerable also occurs in people with poor immune system, for example due to suffering from HIV, diabetes, or taking long-term steroid drugs.

We suggest that you try the following conditions first:

Brush your teeth diligently, use a fluride toothpaste and a soft toothbrush
Continue brushing your teeth by gargling using an antiseptic mouthwash
Do not hold excessive gum injury, especially with dirty hands
Drink plenty of warm water
Don't over-consume foods that are too hard
Reduce also oily and spicy foods
Do not smoke

If by handling the above complaints still last more than 3 days, you should not let it drag on. Go back to your doctor or dentist for the best treatment.

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