Overcome Nail Disorders?

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Amualaikum, I used to cut the edge of my thumb nail down to the bottom (to the point where the nail grows) so I thought the growth would be normal again, but when it grows, it doesn’t grow as clear pink as before, it grows like our nails if we lengthen it. I just let it be for more than a year because I thought it would be normal again but until now the nails are still not good in color and not turning pink anymore, what should I do? Please advise, rnrnThank you

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Hi Nasywa.. Thank you for the questions given.

Disturbances in the nails can provide a sense of comfort and interfere with appearance. There are several things that can cause nail problems, including:

Infection of the nail due to cutting the nail too short, eventually the nail is abnormal and the yoke grows to pierce the surrounding flesh. May be accompanied by pain, swelling, and redness. Fungal infection. Due to a fungal infection of the nail bed, eventually there is a change in the color of the nail to become dull or yellowish, become brittle, and accompanied by an unpleasant odor Yellow nail syndrome. Nails become thick and can fall off easily. Effects of nicotine on heavy smokers If the skin disorder spreads to other nails, the discoloration is getting worse then you can see a dermatologist. Meanwhile, what you can do is: avoid cutting your nails too short, keep your nails clean and dry them after they are wet, consume vitamin E and those containing zinc.

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