Overcome Persistent Vaginal Discharge?

Illustration of Overcome Persistent Vaginal Discharge?
Illustration: Overcome Persistent Vaginal Discharge? Bing

I am 19 years old, every time I am stressed because of my job, I always have vaginal discharge and the vaginal discharge keeps on going besides that every time I am PMS or menstruating I always have pain so I can’t do anything. Is my vaginal discharge dangerous for the future?

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Hi hansaG, thanks for the question for HealthReplies.com

Leucorrhoea is a white or clear liquid that comes out of the vagina. Leucorrhoea is not always an abnormal thing. Normal vaginal discharge actually has many functions, including keeping the vagina moist, preventing the growth of bacteria, and removing dead cells in the vagina so that the vaginal environment is kept clean.

Normal vaginal discharge has the following characteristics:

clear or white like milk, odorless, does not cause itching or burning sensation around the genitals

This normal vaginal discharge can sometimes increase in number in a number of conditions such as when a woman is getting sexual stimulation and libido increases, before the fertile period and menstruation, pregnancy, and when stress is increasing.

The following are characteristics of abnormal vaginal discharge that you can pay attention to:

The color is milky white, yellowish, greenish, gray, brown, or there is blood in the vaginal discharge. Lumpy and thick consistency Smells an unpleasant odor There are other symptoms such as itching, burning, pain, swelling, redness around the genitals, and can also be accompanied with symptoms of pain when urinating

Stressful conditions can indeed cause more vaginal discharge, but as long as you still have normal vaginal discharge, there's nothing you need to worry about. If your vaginal discharge turns out to have abnormal vaginal discharge as mentioned above, then you should see a doctor. The doctor can carry out certain tests such as checking vaginal discharge to see if there is a certain infection that causes vaginal discharge, pap smear examination, and urine examination. If indeed something abnormal is found, therapy will be given according to the findings.

If there are no abnormal vaginal discharges, here are some things you can do:

Use a panty liner when you have vaginal discharge and change it every time the panty liner gets wet Use comfortable underwear and avoid wearing underwear and outer pants that are too tight Avoid wearing multiple layers of pants Clean the pubic area from front to back after defecation Dry the area genitals before wearing underwear after urinating or defecating so that the genital area is not too moist Do not douche or wash and soak the vagina using soap, herbs or certain liquids

That's all from me, hopefully it can help answer your question.

dr. Irna Cecilia

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