Overcome Sinusitis Independently At Home?

Illustration of Overcome Sinusitis Independently At Home?
Illustration: Overcome Sinusitis Independently At Home? Bing

Tonight, I want to ask, I am a sinusitis sufferer, so I watched the Dr.ozs program. The way to deal with it is to mix warm water with salt and then put the liquid into the nose. I practice using a mineral water bottle, but I press the bottle tight, then how come when I shake the sound of the water. Is the water not going up to the brain or stuck? I’m worried that every time I shake my head I quickly hear the sound of water.. the water can’t come out..

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From the information you conveyed, the act of draining salt water that you are doing is also known as nasal saline irrigation (SNI) or draining salt water/saline into the nasal cavity.

This brine drainage can be made independently or by using tools and liquids sold at pharmacies.

SNI is carried out with indications to clean the nose, reduce complaints of nasal inflammation, and help reduce complaints of sinusitis patients.

The side effects of this SNI procedure are nose bleeds, a feeling of fullness in the ears, and a burning feeling in the nose.

Therefore, the presence of complaints such as water that you hear, is a side effect that can occur in some people who undergo this SNI procedure. This will disappear in a few days with the help of the Valsalva maneuver. And it was also explained that the repeated use of SNI will help reduce complaints of full ears or feeling like there is water.

However, you need to make sure all of this directly to your ENT specialist. The doctor will conduct an examination and evaluation directly related to this complaint. A sinus X-ray may also be done to determine your clinical condition.

Treatment will be given according to the results of the examination obtained.

Perform the SNI procedure according to the instructions suggested by your doctor.

Thus the information that we can convey, also read the side effects of SNI, SNI.


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