Overcome Social Difficulties And Often Speak For Yourself?

hi, when I was in junior high, at school I was always bullied from class 2-3 (2 years). I was ostracized, humiliated by my friends both women and men. there were some male friends who also physically abused me (not sexually) … and after I graduated I couldn’t communicate with other people that I didn’t know. I can only communicate with my family and relatives. sometimes other people who want to get acquainted with me always say that I’m mute because I can’t talk. Not only that, I also can’t face-to-face with men. when communicating via chat I have no problem. but when the voice call / video call, my body is trembling, hot cold, restless, and suddenly cried. not just face to face, if there is the opposite sex who touches my hand, I reflexively clean my hands. I also like the reflex speak to myself when I’m being alone, not for a short time, quite a long time. it feels like unconscious but I know what I’m talking about … when I talk to myself and answer my own questions, it feels very comfortable, like there’s no burden. after realizing that I was talking to myself I could only laugh because in my opinion it was very funny. if I want to repeat again consciously, I cannot do it because I realize it is ridiculous. I have never told this to my family, because I feel that I understand that it is only myself. My family also does not see anything strange about me, because if I’m in a family environment I feel normal. So why am I like this? I didn’t like this when I was in elementary school, I was very sociable?

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Good afternoon, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. What happens to you, is actually starting to occur more frequently in various parts of the world. People in general, both educated and uneducated, often ignore that health consists of three components, namely physical, mental and social health, and is too focused that if someone is healthy, it is only when the physical health. Yet as you feel, from the outside, your family does not see any problems with you but in reality, you feel a tremendous disturbance in social interaction.

Regarding the cause, with limited information, we can only conclude based on what you write. And that's because you have a history of bad experiences in the past. A history of bad experiences in the past is what makes you what you are now. Your subconscious concludes that you will suffer when you interact socially and make you more withdrawn to protect you. As the body learns that fire is hot and we try not to touch fire because we know that fire can damage.

But of course, the way your mind protects you is not right, because there is no way we can live without knowing and being close to people other than family. Can't even shake hands and talk. It's just that we can't know for sure whether it's a personality disorder or another mental disorder. For this reason, we recommend that you consult a psychiatrist and tell us your problem. You can determine what makes you comfortable when talking to a psychiatrist. Do talking while looking down and not staring at the psychiatrist, or bring a friend who you trust the most, or family. From there your psychiatrist will determine the diagnosis of your condition and what treatment or therapy you most need.

Meanwhile, talking to yourself is actually one of the habits that is quite healthy because it is true that only we most understand ourselves. What is clear, you also have to understand that social interaction is important, and even at the end of the day you will return to 'complain' to yourself, you must still try to socially interact as well as possible throughout the day. So, hopefully answering your question.

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