Overcome The Excessive Fear Of Ambulances?

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Hallo … I want to ask how to get rid of my phobia … I have a phobia to the ambulance whether it’s seeing or just hearing the sound I am immediately nervous, scared, tight, even to the point of wanting to cry … I have the phobia of me small … if I was asked because I have no trauma whatsoever with ambulances … and until now I am 17 years old I still feel that … I’m not uncommon around me many people laugh or say I’m weird … that’s what makes me mentally down especially when there are people who say I’m not normal..please help🙇

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Hello Syifa,

Thank you for the question.

Excessive fear of something can indeed be part of a specific phobia. This condition often appears related to traumatic events in the past. If that makes you afraid is an ambulance, then it could be, this arises because you have lost loved ones or objects, have experienced severe illness and have to be treated in a hospital, have a bad experience with a doctor, and so on. It could also be, actually it's not the ambulance that scares you, but the noise, the white color, the speed of the car, and so on. Not infrequently, phobias are not clear what the originator originated.

Other factors, in addition to phobias, can also cause physical symptoms such as anxiety, excessive fear, tightness, to crying without cause, for example delusional disorders, excessive anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, hormonal disorders, disturbance disorders, allergies, drug effects, alcoholism, etc.

To be clear, what is the real cause of your complaint, and what sort of treatment is appropriate to deal with it, you need to check yourself to the doctor or psychiatrist.

The following initial steps can also be taken so that your complaints improve:

 When you see or hear the ambulance:
 Face it, do not avoid or close your eyes and ears Arrange your breath well Reassure yourself, that the ambulance does not harm you Repeat the above repeatedly until your complaint subsides on its own If it is difficult, do the above, turn your attention to the thing others Do more relaxation, do things that make you comfortable, such as by meditating, vacationing, doing hobbies, hanging out with loved ones, worshiping If you have a problem, find a solution, don't just grieve excessively, don't hesitate to discuss with others who can help you find solutions to your problems. Busy yourself with good activities, don't daydream, be sad, or have no illusions. Stay away from cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol. Hope it helps.

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