Overcome The Problem Of Disturbed Sex In Patients With Heart Swelling?

good afternoon, I am nanda (male) and I am 27 years old. I am already married and have a child. Every day I take heart and stomach medicine so that it disrupts my sex life. inwardly. Moreover, my wife and age are still relatively young. I guess the solution is how to overcome my problem.

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Good morning Nanda, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com.

Basically, sexual intercourse can be equated with doing moderate-intensity exercise, which is equivalent to climbing 1-2 steps or walking fast through 4-5 blocks. Whether or not you can have sexual intercourse, everything is based back on how severe the heart problems you are experiencing. If when you do daily activities that require activities such as climbing stairs or walking fast in a certain distance already makes you experience shortness of breath or difficulty doing these activities, it is advisable to avoid sexual activity first because it is very high risk of causing the condition of your heart problems getting get worse.

But because of the importance of sexual intercourse to maintain domestic harmony, it is advisable for you to ask further about this matter to the doctor who is treating your heart problems at this time. Do not feel ashamed to ask this, because the doctor who treats you is more aware of the condition of the heart and the medicines you are currently taking.

For a while at home, still avoid sexual intercourse if there is no further advice from the doctor, communicate well with your wife about this, and also do not miss a schedule to take your heart medication just to try to have sex, because it is very dangerous.

I hope this helps.

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