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, before I want to tell you a little. When I was about to wash my panties, I saw that in the miss v area there was a small white caterpillar and there was a white mark on me. I’m not sure if it’s white or not. It’s because it’s not itchy, not too much, doesn’t smell, it’s white, but it always causes spots on my underwear. Then the thing I did was soak my panties with soap+hot water. Then wash it by hand and I brush. What did I do right? I’m worried :((( Then it’s been 3 months now my period always lags between 3-5 days which should be. Is that related?

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Hello Nurdita

Leucorrhoea is a natural thing experienced by women of childbearing age, healthy people also experience vaginal discharge, Nurdita, where healthy vaginal discharge is clear to whitish in color and is not accompanied by complaints such as itching, pain, soreness, heat, and odor in the vaginal area.

You don't have to worry too much about finding caterpillars in the underwear, if this condition is only experienced once then the caterpillars could be found by chance in the underwear, especially if the underwear is not worn out and then when you want to wash it, you find caterpillars, but in store in a dirty cloth first and then wash.

However, if the caterpillar is found when you just released it, or this condition has happened repeatedly, it could be that the caterpillar is actually a worm that comes from the digestive tract, such as pinworms.

A decline in the menstrual cycle does not always mean a medical disorder, especially if your menstrual cycle ranges from 21 to 35 days, but if the cycle is more than 35 days, then Nurdita is advised to consult a gynecologist for fear of having a medical condition such as PCOS, hormone balance disorders, stress, and weight changes that are not too fast to thyroid disease.

But what is described above may be different from the situation that Nurdita is experiencing, so it is advisable for Nurdita to check with a doctor first so that an examination can be carried out on yourself. Later, from the results of the examination, the doctor can determine whether there is a health problem or not.

What Nurdita does by washing with hot water and detergent is good enough to kill germs, mold spores, and parasitic eggs. But you can also soak it in a chlorine solution (cloth bleaching solution) which is more effective at washing pests.

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