Overcoming A Broken Nose Bone For 3 Weeks?

Illustration of Overcoming A Broken Nose Bone For 3 Weeks?
Illustration: Overcoming A Broken Nose Bone For 3 Weeks? post.medicalnewstoday.com

I want to ask if a nasal fracture that has been 3 weeks can be operated so that it returns to its original state ??

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Good morning, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. A nasal fracture is a condition in which there is discontinuity or loss of continuity in the nasal bone as shown in the nasal bone image below.

This condition can be caused by various things such as accidents, bumps, hits, and so on.

For the main treatment of this nasal fracture is to stop the bleeding which can be done by pressing the bleeding area with gauze or cloth, positioning in a sitting position that is slightly leaning forward and immediately taking the person to the emergency room of the nearest hospital. In the ER, the person will perform supporting examinations such as a head X-ray or CT scan to assess the degree of damage.

In cases of nasal fractures that have passed 3 weeks, the actual possibility will depend on the condition of the damage. If the fracture is minor, and does not interfere with the function of the nose as a respiratory tract, then it may not be okay to operate. Conversely, if it disturbs appearance, interferes with breathing or continues to bleed, then surgery can be one of the treatments. So our advice is that you should consult your problem with a general surgeon or plastic surgeon to find out what action should be done. If you had an X-ray when you first broke 3 weeks ago, then bring it with your doctor to compare it with your current condition.

Regarding whether it is dangerous or not, this is actually a relative matter, because all medical actions must have risks, even though injections. What is clear, if after you consult a surgeon and he recommends surgery, then that should be the best for you even though the name is a definite risk that still exists.

Meanwhile, avoid pressing and touching your nose, if there is still bleeding, immediately press the source of the bleeding with gauze, tissue, or whatever cloth is available, take over-the-counter pain medications to relieve pain by reading the rules of use listed, and increasing your food consumption. rich in protein such as eggs, milk, yogurt, tempeh, tofu, meat, chicken breast and salmon and tuna. Keep your blood pressure at normal levels by avoiding over-activity and avoiding salty foods. Get well soon.

So, hopefully this is useful.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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