Overcoming Acne And Scars?

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Excuse me,. I want to ask about Clariderm alcohol toner products, is it really able to get rid of pimples and is it safe to use considering the harsh ingredients? Because I’ve seen a review that has a clean face after using the toner. Thank you,

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Toner is a type of skin care that is used to help clean the face of dirt, excess oil, residual cosmetics, control the pH, and prevent acne with the appropriate usage steps. Because toner helps cleanse the skin and skin pores, this toner is expected to help prevent acne on the face, so it tends to prevent compared to treat acne. Some suggestions for selecting skin toner are:

1. For skin with a tendency to breakouts or acne rone skin, you can choose toner that is alcohol free. The content of toner with salicylic acid is more recommended for this skin type

2. For normal and combination skin, you can choose toner with coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid, glycerin and vitamin C

3. be careful of the risk of irritation to the skin, so for the initial step, use toner on a small portion of the face for several days at the same point, thus preventing the risk of side effects on the entire face

4. Use a suitable toner and avoid changing toner brands

5. choose a brand that is already registered at the Indonesian National Development Bank

In connection with the use of toner from the brand that you are conveying, experts prefer to recommend the use of alcohol-free skin care, this is to prevent skin irritation and dry skin after using skin care, especially if your skin tends to get pimples, then you should use an alcohol-free toner . Thus, it can avoid unexpected side effects.

However, you should consult directly with your dermatologist, regarding your skin complaints or relating to skin care that you can use every day, thus, the results of the doctor's examination and the results of consultation with your doctor can help you to solve skin problems You.

For now, every skin care product that you use should not change brands, use a brand that is suitable for you. In addition, make sure the product is registered with Bpom RI.

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