Overcoming Acne On Oily Skin?

Illustration of Overcoming Acne On Oily Skin?
Illustration: Overcoming Acne On Oily Skin? Bing

at morning,rn2 years ago, I still didn’t know anything about skin. My skin is the type that is rarely spotty, maybe when I have a new period, usually 1 or 2 pimples appear. At that time, there was a fairly large pimple on my chin just below the ‘lower lip’. The pimple has yellow contents. Then because I was uncomfortable, I even cut the contents using a nail cutter (/stupid, I don’t know what2). The next day, another pimple appeared in the same spot and was the same size as the pimple I broke yesterday. I was surprised because I didn’t think there would be more pimples. Then I just let it dry and accidentally I used a towel and then the dry contents were peeled off, so there were still reddish mounds left. Finally I just let it go, and I don’t know since when, my chin is actually red and there are small white spots and some white hair too (or maybe the skin is peeling, I don’t know). Then I asked the acne problem group, many said it was whiteheads, some said it was scar tissue. I’ve never used sunscreen before (which is also moisturizing) on ​​my chin because of the redness, I’m afraid it will get worse. Then at the acne problem group, they told me to keep applying sunscreen to the redness. Finally, after a few days I applied the sunscreen, I never had white hair again, but my chin is still red and there are white spots, I’ve also tried using aloevera but it’s still like that, only the redness is reduced. Then I stopped using aloe vera because it was finished and I haven’t bought it yet. I tried searching on google for examples of whiteheads on the chin. The picture is horrifying because the red and white spots stand out on the surface. I doubt if I have whiteheads or not because the white spots on my chin are not as prominent as in the picture. Is it actually inflammation or is it whiteheads? Please explain in detail, yes, I still don’t know much about skin problems.rnFor information, I don’t know if my skin is oily or combination. but usually I use oil paper, there is oil but not full 1 paper and most of it is oil on my cheeks.rnThank you

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Good afternoon, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. Indeed, for medical problems, especially skin problems, an examination by a dermatologist is urgently needed to be able to find out the diagnosis. This is because there are so many different medical conditions that have similar appearances or symptoms. That's why we at HealthReplies.com can't give one specific diagnosis, but several possibilities because we don't examine them in person.

In your case, it is true that acne is one possibility. Among other possibilities are:

Allergic response
Skin irritation due to chemicals
skin infection
Hair sac infection

So it is our advice that you keep yourself checked by a dermatologist to be able to get a definite diagnosis and the right treatment for your condition. Meanwhile, you should not touch and apply anything to the redness until the cause is clear. You can also read our article by clicking on the following link to our article on Acne and Blackheads. I hope you and your family are always healthy.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D Basfiansa

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