Overcoming Anus Feels Prolonged Itching?

Illustration of Overcoming Anus Feels Prolonged Itching?
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Doctor, my anus is itching every night. the more I scratch itchy the more it feels. I want to ask is there an ointment or an antibiotic that I can use to relieve the itching a little?

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Antibiotics are a class of drugs used to treat diseases caused by bacterial infections. In this case, antibiotics work to fight or kill germs or bacteria in the body.

So this antibiotic cannot be used to reduce itching, because its function is useful for dealing with infections. Besides antibiotics are also not recommended to be used without the advice of a doctor, because antibiotics that are used incorrectly can cause antibiotic resistance in yourself where your body becomes immune to these antibitok. so that if one day there is a bacterial infection it will be difficult to treat it.

Itching is a symptom, where the symptoms need to know the cause. So if the cause is known then it can be treated appropriately. Itching of the skin is a very broad symptom, and can be caused by a number of possible medical conditions such as skin problems, allergies, or a systemic disease. Itching in the anus is medically called pruritus ani. Here are some factors that can cause pruritus ani:

Treatments on the skin for example too often or rarely clean the anal area can trigger itching. For example irritation due to the use of wet wipes, soap, and cleaning femininity that is not suitable.

Infection, most infections that occur are due to parasitic infections such as infections caused by pinworms

Skin diseases, such as psoriasis, contact dermatitis

Medical conditions such as diarrhea, hemorrhoids, diabetes

Diet, for example consumption of spicy, acidic, berkephein foods can irritate the anus and cause irritation to the anus.

The use of antibiotics, some antibiotics can interfere with good bacteria in the intestine, thus triggering itching anus.

Therefore, to ensure the consequences that occur on you should consult further with your doctor. If the cause is already known then the handling and treatment of anal itching will be done based on the cause. Here are some examples to reduce the itching of the anus:

Consumption of drugs such as antihistamines, if the itching that has occurred is especially disturbing your sleep
Provision of antifungal creams if the cause is fungus. Or given a cream containing corticosteroids if the cause is dermatitis.
If the cause is a worm, worm medicine is given
If the cause is hemorrhoids, diarrhea, diabetes then this medical condition is treated

In addition to treatment the crew also maintains the cleanliness of the anal area in the following ways:

Clean the anal area for example after bowel movements with soap and clean water
Avoid using wet tissues that contain fragrance
Do not scratch the anal area, because it can cause irritation and sores
Avoid using underwear that is too tight, use clothing made from cotton

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