Overcoming Anxiety And Excessive Fear At 4 Weeks Pregnant?

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I want to ask, r nI am 4 weeks pregnant and I am always haunted by fear and anxiety, my thoughts and feelings are not due to myths that my mother told me, r nWhat said pregnant women are not Can I have a bad thought / talk when I see a person who is physically / mentally disabled. What I am afraid that my husband’s younger sibling has a disability, physical deficiency r n r nThe question is whether my child might be the same as that or not? r n r nplease answer

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In fact, there are many myths circulating about pregnancy, and not all of these myths are true or related to medical or health conditions. Not to speak badly when you see a person with physical or mental disabilities, it is good, it is related to someone's behavior and ethics, but having a direct relationship with the child you will give birth to has no direct relationship. The condition of the child you will be born with depends on:

genetic combination of the two parents the baby's nutrition while in the womb the mother's physical health condition as long as it contains food intake during childbirth, there is no disturbance, no infection in the mother, which disturbs the fetus. Deficiency of certain nutrients, exposure to certain chemicals. and the baby is monitored, be diligent in carrying out antenatal care according to the recommendation and the recommended time, or if there are complaints that you are experiencing pain. Genetic conditions do affect the condition of your fetus or baby, but the ones that are directly related are the genes of the father and mother. What you need to know for sure is the cause of the disability experienced by your husband's younger sibling, whether it is congenital or due to certain conditions or accidents, if it is due to congenital nature, it is possible that your husband also has the gene but is not dominant and there is a possibility that it can occur. similar things even though the probability is small or genetic problems can not be predicted in advance. But if it doesn't happen because of your anxiety or the thoughts that are on it, it's a myth. To predict the physical condition of your child in more detail, you can consult a fetomaternal specialist.

Some things you should pay attention to:

food intake that you eat, adequate rest, drink enough water, substances or additional nutrients needed by the baby, the use of drugs must be safe and according to the doctor's recommendation, check your pregnancy condition regularly as directed avoid excess stress can stimulate contractions, read things related to pregnancy checks, abnormalities genetic

hopefully useful, thank you

dr. Danny

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