Overcoming Disuria Accompanied Severe Pain During Menstruation?

Good evening I want to ask … I have already been in a week Anyang “en often prickly and feels sick … well a few days ago I took medicine but urinated already better not too often ,, but still feel pain when urinating ,, and arrived “I have menstruated and my stomach feels sick, what do I do, what is the danger or not …

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Goodnight, thank you for the question

Complaints of painful urination and urination may be caused by conditions of urinary tract infections, namely inflammation of the urinary tract such as in the ureter, bladder, or urethra. Other complaints of urinary tract infections include:

1. Fever 2. Difficulty urinating
3. Pain when at the end of BAK
4. Frequent BAK
5. Often awaken at night for BAK 6. Anyone 7. Lower stomach pain

Some of the factors below will increase the risk of urinary tract infections, including:

1. History of diabetes mellitus
2. History of urinary stones 3. Bad personal hygiene
4. A history of vaginal discharge
5. Pregnancy
6. Previous history of urinary tract infections 7. The habit of holding urine
8. Sexual intercourse

Diagnosis of suspected urinary tract infections is confirmed based on the typical symptoms above, physical examination, and investigations include examination of urine analysis in the laboratory. If it is confirmed that there is a urinary tract infection then it is necessary to be treated with antibiotics. Giving antibiotics is important to prevent severe complications and the possibility of recurrence of urinary tract infections.

Apart from drugs, it is also important to maintain cleanliness of the pubic area, not urinating in unclean public areas, and multiply water consumption white.
Do further consultation with your doctor so that you get adequate treatment.

That's all, hopefully you can help, Wassalam.

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