Overcoming Babies Vomiting, Bloating, Fever, And Liquid Bowel Movements?

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, Tuesday at 3 am my child vomited when he wanted to be breastfed (ASI), then at 7 am he vomited again and at 12 noon vomited again. his stomach was bloated all day until today. In between that pause, I still gave my child food but only took two mouthfuls and then he felt like gagging again accompanied by a fever of 37.7 degrees at sunset.

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Hello, good afternoon Elsie.

The conditions of vomiting, bloating, fever, and loose bowel movements can indeed be caused by infection, causing inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract (acute gastroenteritis / GEA). The infection that most causes inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract in infants is a virus, namely the Rotavirus. Apart from rotavirus, gastrointestinal inflammation in children is also commonly caused by bacterial infections that come from food, less sterile cutlery, and objects that the baby bites (especially when the baby starts to like putting something in his mouth). The most common bacteria that cause this disease is E. coli. Common symptoms of inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract include loose stools, flatulence, vomiting, decreased appetite, and fever.

Regarding the administration of drugs for bacterial infections in children, it cannot be given if the suspicion is not strong or has not been proven to have a bacterial infection. In your case, your child is said to "could" have a bacterial infection, which means that it is not necessarily 100% infected with bacteria and the suspicion is not strong. If the child is strongly suspected or proven to have inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract due to a bacterial infection (for example, a laboratory examination of the feces shows a bacterial infection, or complaints of diarrhea with blood), then doctors generally provide treatment for these bacterial infections, namely giving antibiotics. Given that the most common cause of diarrhea in children is a virus (as described above), where generally viral infections do not require special treatment (only supportive treatment such as giving ORS to replace lost fluids, vomiting drugs, fever medication, zinc, and probiotics only) , then antibiotics are not common.

When a child starts having diarrhea, what you need to pay attention to are signs of dehydration or lack of fluids, namely:

the child looks weak or drowsy, or in severe dehydration the child has a decreased consciousness the child looks thirsty (for example, the breast becomes stronger) or in more severe conditions the child becomes unable to suckle at all the mouth and lips appear dry crying but not shedding tears less urine than usual, or in severe conditions do not urinate at all dry skin The risk of dehydration is usually greater in children who experience diarrhea more than six times a day (especially if the diarrhea is only water without waste and very much), accompanied by vomiting more than twice a day, the child's age is less than 6 months, and the frequency of eating and drinking (breastfeeding) is reduced.

In addition to monitoring for signs of dehydration, what you can do at home include:

continue to breastfeed the child, try to breastfeed every 10 minutes. avoid giving fruit juices. You can give ORS to children to replace lost fluids and electrolytes

If you find the signs of dehydration mentioned above, the frequency of diarrhea and vomiting becomes more frequent, high fever, or bowel movements lasting more than 3 days, we recommend that you check with your doctor for further treatment.

I hope this helps.

Greetings, dr. Denisa

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