Overcoming Back Pain After An Accident?

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Illustration: Overcoming Back Pain After An Accident? Bing

Hello doctor, I am rina 21 years old. Look, doctor, I had a motorcycle accident around the end of 2015. In the accident, I suffered a blow to the head but it didn’t cause any bleeding and my right leg was hit by the tire of the motorbike that hit me, causing serious internal injuries. To treat severe headaches and painful legs, I was finally advised to go to a neurologist. After several months of going to the neurologist, a pain appeared in my right back. Finally I was given pain medication.rnrn1 year later, the headache never recurred, and the deep wound in my leg gradually healed with leech treatment. pain in the back and pain in both legs until now still often occurs. Even when I do a little bit of activity, it’s a bit strenuous, even if I sit for an hour while studying on campus, the pain immediately appears. Accompanied by a weak body, pale easily, and after going up stairs immediately gasping for air. rnrnSo until now I am still very disturbed in my activities. Last 6 months ago my legs and back often experience pain accompanied by weakness and nausea.rnThen 3 months ago I checked blood in the lab and the results My Hb is 6.5. My body is getting weaker, I feel nauseous every time I want to eat, every time I finish I’m pale and my heart is running out of breath.rnAfter that I decided to go to an internal medicine specialist and I was hospitalized. me with a diagnosis of anemia. What I felt at that time was that my heart was beating fast, gasping for air, my stomach hurt until it penetrated my back, my legs and back pain continued to recur. Finally I did a blood transfusion until my hb was normal and I came home from hospitalization.rnrnNow I feel pain in my upper right back, both legs, chest tightness, hunger and weakness.rnr According to the doctor, does anemia have anything to do with the accident? And is it true that the illness that I have experienced so far is due to an accident?rnBecause before the accident I never had a history of serious illness and never had any health problems.

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Hello, Rinas123, thanks for asking HealthReplies.com.

Anemia or lack of red blood cells and hemoglobin has various types and causes, for example:

1.     Due to lack of nutrients (especially iron, vitamin B12, folic acid), can be caused by lack of intake / intake of nutrients

2.    Due to heavy bleeding (eg accidents, menstruation)

3.    Due to infection

4.    Due to autoimmune disease / immune cells mistakenly recognize normal cells as enemies, so normal cells are fought by immune cells

5.    Due to an allergic reaction

6.   Due to bone marrow disorders

7.    Congenital disorders (eg: Thalassemia)

8.    Due to the influence of certain drugs

9. Due to certain chronic diseases, such as kidney failure

To determine the cause of anemia, a series of tests must be performed. From a complete physical examination to supporting examinations, such as complete blood tests, iron profiles, to blood smears.

Regarding your question, accidents can cause anemia if you are bleeding profusely at that time. Anemia that occurs is usually acute (sudden) because the loss of red blood cells and hemoglobin occurs during the bleeding. If anemia occurs several years after the accident, then other causes can be considered, but still need to be examined directly by a doctor.

Here is an article about anemia that you can read. To prevent anemia from occurring again, you should check with your doctor regularly and find out the cause, meet nutritional needs (especially in this case iron and vitamin B12) for example from red meat and green vegetables, consume vitamin C to increase iron absorption, meet fluid needs , and get enough rest.

That's it, I hope it's useful.


dr. Sarah Rizqia

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