Overcoming Bartholin Cysts That Recur After Surgery 4 Years Ago?

Illustration of Overcoming Bartholin Cysts That Recur After Surgery 4 Years Ago?
Illustration: Overcoming Bartholin Cysts That Recur After Surgery 4 Years Ago? drnorthrup.com

Hello asalamauallaikum my name is irma I am 27 years old I want to ask about the pain that I suffered, 4 years ago I had a minor operation to cut the Bartholini cyst but now it grows and feels unbearable pain. Yes, I have to do surgery again … because there is a lump under the pain when walking and standing … like bones feel hot and very painful please explain and what steps should I take. greetings

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Thank you for asking again at HealthReplies.com.
Bartolini cysts are benign tumors of the bartolin glands that cause lumps due to inflammation or infection. The bartolini gland serves to help lubricate the vaginal area, so that if there is a blockage in the glandular outlet, it can cause swelling and accumulation of pus.
The cause of blockage of bartolini cysts is often triggered by inflammation or irritation of the glandular ducts, as well as an infection of the gland in question, one of which is an infection of a sexually transmitted disease. So if the blockage is caused by a sexually transmitted infection, prevention by avoiding risky sex or free sex or avoiding sex outside of marriage will help prevent the risk of blockage in the bartolin gland.
Regarding your complaint, there is a recurrence of swelling or the presence of a bartolin cyst, it requires diagnostic and treatment steps like you have had before. If your obstetrician considers surgery to be a good step for you to reduce pain and inflammation complaints, then you can continue your doctor's plan for surgery. However, if the doctor determines the treatment plan from the results of the examination, then the process of treatment and regular evaluation will be carried out on this inflammation or infection process. Therefore, visit your doctor again for examination and management of complaints that you feel at this time.
All you need to do now is:
1. Optimize your activity so that it reduces pain complaints during the move
2. compress with warm water until you see your doctor
3. avoid sex until recovery
Thus the info we can convey.

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