Overcoming Blurred Vision After Exposure To Stevens-Johnson Syndrome?

Illustration of Overcoming Blurred Vision After Exposure To Stevens-Johnson Syndrome?
Illustration: Overcoming Blurred Vision After Exposure To Stevens-Johnson Syndrome? reviewofoptometry.com

Hello, 2 months ago I was exposed to John’s Stevem Syndrome. Now my skin is healing but in my eyes I still have trouble seeing, blurry like a membrane covering over it. I was also given lyters eye drops to refresh and was given gentamicin ointment. Can my eyes return to normal? Then how long?

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Hello Anestasya,

Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) is a serious reaction to a drug or an infection, which affects all parts of the skin and mucosa (the soft layer that lines various organs of the body), including the organs around the genitals and eyes. SJS requires intensive care in a hospital.

Management of this disease is supportive, which depends on the symptoms it causes. So are the eye symptoms. SJS symptoms that occur on the skin can improve within a few weeks with good treatment. However, in the eye, it may take longer depending on the symptoms it causes.

In mild cases, the manifestations of SJS in the eye include irritation and dry eyes. In severe conditions it can cause severe and extensive tissue damage and can even cause scars that can interfere with vision in the future. Blindness rarely results from SJS, but is possible if the previous symptoms were very severe.

Because the deformities in the eyes are different and have different degrees, of course it is difficult to determine whether your vision can return to normal or how long it will take to heal. The eye drops given to you are used to keep the eyes moisturised, given SJS dryness and eye irritation. Gentamicin is given as a prevention of secondary infection of the eye or it could be due to a secondary infection that has already occurred.

At this time you should consult an ophthalmologist to get the appropriate advice. We recommend that you routinely control the ophthalmologist according to the time specified. The eye doctor will certainly do his best to improve your vision.

The most important thing besides treatment is to prevent SJS from happening again, by knowing what drugs cause this SJS reaction. Every time you seek treatment, tell your doctor that you have had SJS because of this medicine. You can also inform the people closest to you so that if something happens to you someone else can tell your doctor. You can also store this information in an important place such as your wallet, or by using a bracelet / necklace with the information on it. Avoid taking drugs carelessly because it is feared that they contain similar medicinal properties.

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