Overcoming Body Heat Easily And Often Lethargic?

Illustration of Overcoming Body Heat Easily And Often Lethargic?
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I want to ask, I am a person who gets sick easily but the most frequent illness is colds, I was young when I was 17 years old, I often drank alcohol and smoked, but now I am 25 years old and I have rarely consumed cigarettes and alcohol since the end of last year, and I often scrapings, maybe if you catch a cold often, it can happen every 3/4 days. At the end of 2016, I had an anxiety disorder, panic attacks that came on suddenly and my heart was pounding, I went to the doctor and was given medicine but because I was afraid of addiction I didn’t take the medicine and overcame the disorder with lots of activities and a positive mind set, but sometimes it can still recur. And the worst thing was 3 weeks ago, at night suddenly my hands and feet were very cold and my body also seemed to be rocking and rocking sometimes, I had my blood checked, everything was normal, my heart record was also normal, only my cholesterol was 252, and I took the doctor’s medicine. given that there is vit k, stator, and stomach acid, after 2 days I went to a doctor in Jakarta checked everything was normal, my condition is still not 100% healed, my body is still weak and my feet are cold and he checks my blood pressure is 145/80 and I think this the doctor was smart because he recorded all my complaints on a new paper and gave me medicine and one of the drugs he gave me the brand “proneuron” he said I was tense and that night I ate the medicine and the next morning I felt very fresh after waking up, and the next day I took the medicine but because I was afraid of addiction I had time to limit and reduce the dose by half, and the medicine is still available, I really use it when I’m very anxious, ta pi is also half . And after that I returned to normal but I know that there are still things that are not 100% healed from me, my body is often lethargic, even though after that illness I drink Welness Vitamin B complex every day, and now I’m dropping again, my body heats up all of a sudden even though I’m exercising at the gym 3 /4 times a week, sorry for the length, maybe the doctor can give you a solution and answer about all of this? Thank you sorry for bothering.

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From the information you conveyed, there are several points I received for your medical history:

1. history of smoking and alcohol

2. history of anxiety disorder

3. high blood pressure

4. increased blood cholesterol

5. currently feeling a condition that is not 100% fit with a fever

Of all these things, what you need to pay attention to is anxiety, smoking and alcohol, high blood pressure and the possibility of your physical fatigue on your daily activities.

If you do the gym 3-4 times per week, it is necessary to evaluate whether your body is able to keep up with it, and are you using certain drugs for your gym? All these evaluations are needed to find out why your 25 year old already has high blood pressure and cholesterol?

Because all of this greatly affects your daily stamina. If you drop, you may experience stiffness, fatigue, and fever.

Therefore, evaluate your blood pressure, your cholesterol regularly, and you should stop smoking and alcohol consumption, because the risks that may occur can be even greater, especially for your subsequent health conditions.

If you feel that this fever is still bothering you, you should consult your family doctor or an internal medicine doctor. The doctor will determine the cause, whether due to flu, sore throat, typhoid, or indigestion.

Furthermore, treatment and care will be given according to the results of the examination.

What you need to pay attention to is:

1. avoid physical fatigue

2. Avoid sleeping late at night

3. Avoid using drugs without doctor's instructions

4. more water

5. if your body is not yet white, don't force excessive activity, limit your activities first until you recover

That's the information we can convey, read also just-tired-or-sick.


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