Overcoming Boils Around The Armpits Of Nursing Mothers Who Feel Pain?

Illustration of Overcoming Boils Around The Armpits Of Nursing Mothers Who Feel Pain?
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Good morning, I have complaints nich I touched my child aged 3 months, a few days ago I felt pain in the armpit but when I felt the pressure was unclear dmn pain, after that I had a fever and there was pain in my back, very sick, felt hot and painful when touched, my husband said as if there would be a small boil as big as pimples, but when I felt the swollen area was very wide and irregular palpable, it was painful when touched and felt hot, more painful than the boils that would come out, when this mute has broken, but after the photo my husband wondered why the red rash tends to swell, feels pain and heat is very large and not yet even though the boil has begun to dry up the wound, beg for a treatment solution, I have difficulty sloping to the left when breastfeeding because of skitnya

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Good evening, thanks for the question
Boils are lumps that form on the surface of the skin that contains pus caused by a germ infection. Boils can appear due to small cuts on the surface of the skin which are then contaminated with germs. The most common bacteria that cause are Staphylococcus aureus.

Boils can appear anywhere in the body, most often around the buttocks, legs, or arms. Boils can also occur in areas with hair such as armpits or pubic areas called boils. Besides boils can also be found systemic symptoms such as fever, weakness, muscle aches, nausea, etc.

Boils can enlarge to form lumps that contain pus that is getting bigger called an abscess. A skin abscess is a collection of pus that accumulates in the deeper layers of the skin. Abscesses are usually caused by anaerobic germs.

The main treatment for boils and abscesses is incision and drainage, where a small incision is made to evacuate the pus in the lump until it is completely clean and sterile. It is also important to give antibiotics according to the suspicion of the bacteria that causes them.

For now, if a boil / abscess has ruptured, it is best to ensure that the wound is clean and always covered to avoid further contamination and to replace the wound dressing regularly.

Next, check your condition with your doctor for further examination and adequate treatment. The choice of drug must be based on the type of germ causing and other conditions such as in the case you are breastfeeding.

That's all, hope you can help. Wassalam

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