Overcoming Burn Scars In Infants Aged 9 Months?

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Good night, last week my child, a 9 month old baby, was exposed to hot water which blistered several parts of his skin, after we took him to the hospital. I was advised to use Mebo ointment to treat the burn, which I asked how long do I have to keep applying the ointment to my baby’s wound? because at this time I see that the wound is dry, and How do I get rid of the scar? And the recovery time?

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To answer your question, it is necessary to know in advance how deep, how extensive, and the location of the burns suffered by your child. The burn itself has 3 degrees:

First degree burns, which are burns that only affect the outermost layer of skin (epidermis). In 1st degree burns, the skin only looks red and feels sore / painful.
Second-degree burns, which are burns that hit the deeper layer of skin (dermis) of the skin. In second degree burns, the skin appears blistered and painful.
Third degree burns, which are burns that have hit the layer under the skin (can hit the muscles so that the bones can be seen). In third degree burns, the skin will look charred and numb.

As for its own management, first-degree burns do not require specific therapy and will heal on their own, second-degree burns require wound care and treatment of blisters, while third-degree burns require surgery. Hot water wounds usually only range between 1 degree and 2 degrees.

If your child only has grade 1 wounds, healing can occur within a few days and no scars will occur. If your child has a second degree wound, healing can occur between 2-4 weeks (depending on the depth of the 2nd degree wound - there are shallow second degree burns and deep second degree burns) and the extent of the burns. Certain parts of the body such as the face have a higher healing speed than other parts such as the chest and back.

You can do burn treatment until you see the burn is completely dry. When the scab starts to form on it (on second degree burns), prevent your child from scratching the scab so that the wound doesn't reopen and scars don't appear later. A well-treated second degree burn may not cause scars, although deep second-degree burns can still be seen minor scars (e.g. discolored skin or skin tissue that heals slightly different in structure from healthy skin tissue) . Make sure you return to the doctor to check the healing of your child's burns.

Henceforth, you should be more careful in placing hot objects around your child. Also, make sure you don't put small objects around your child, because until the age of 3, children often put small objects in their mouths. This carries the risk of causing the child to choke or swallow the small object.

Here's an article you can read about burns

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