Overcoming Cavities That Are Painful To The Ear?

Illustration of Overcoming Cavities That Are Painful To The Ear?
Illustration: Overcoming Cavities That Are Painful To The Ear? thedoctorsearplugs.com

I want to ask, my tooth has a graham hole under the tip … and only in the middle of my teeth and aches. pain to the ears and stiff in the neck until the veins are bumped above the ears. I was told to pull my teeth. And I am afraid. Thanks

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Perforated GIgi or dental caries is a condition where there is damage to the layer of the tooth (enamel) so that there is a relationship between the external environment with the inside of the tooth to the tooth root. Tooth decay can occur due to ongoing enamel damage due to metabolic processes of germs or bacteria that attach to the human tooth area. Attaching these germs or bacteria is triggered by leftovers from sweet foods or drinks that form the main ingredients of metabolism from germs that ultimately produce an atmosphere acid and erode the layers of the teeth.
When a tooth cavities, the inflammation process will be more at risk by the inclusion of food scraps and drink residues into the root canals of the tooth, which eventually becomes an ideal place for germs to cause inflammation and infection. So that patients with cavities, often feel complaints of pain, swelling of the gums, until the fever or swollen jaw area.
In connection with your question, if complaints of cavities (at the lower end of the graham) and inflammation of the tooth roots are not handled properly, then complaints of pain, swelling, until a lump can be the area around the jaw will increasingly bother you. Because complaints of tooth pain will affect your daily activities, productivity and communication.
Therefore, you should consult directly with your dentist. If the results of the doctor's examination show that your teeth are still good and can be maintained, then the doctor will take care of the tooth roots and filling However, if Anad's tooth condition cannot be maintained, tooth extraction can be planned. So follow the doctor's plan, even if you are afraid, then prepare yourself for this tooth extraction.
Your fear will not help to heal or cure toothache complaints that are bothering you. Because if left unchecked, it can become an abscess or pus in the area of ​​your teeth or gums; and handling will get more complicated and longer.
Discuss with your doctor about this fear, so that your doctor can provide understanding and provide an explanation for this tooth extraction procedure. Thus, you will be more relaxed through the process of this medical action.
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