Overcoming Chicken Pox That Fester And Feels Hot?

Illustration of Overcoming Chicken Pox That Fester And Feels Hot?
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I was sick with chickenpox but it festered, then I was given medicine for smallpox, itching and aciclovir ointment. I already used it, but how come it causes a wider red rash and feels hot and itchy, why is that?

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Hi Thinuk,

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It needs to be clarified, have you ever checked your complaint to a doctor and were diagnosed with chickenpox?

Chicken pox is generally characterized by the appearance of a watery rash that is reddish, itchy, and spreads almost all over the body. Often times, this complaint appears accompanied by fever, muscle and joint pain, cough, runny nose, nausea, decreased appetite, weakness, and various other complaints. Chickenpox rash can fester if you have a secondary infection, for example due to poor personal hygiene, impaired immune system, and various other risk factors.

However, you also need to know that a rash resembling smallpox that contains pus can also arise due to other causes, for example impetigo, miliaria (prickly heat), folliculitis (hair root infection), scabies (scabies), and so on. Each of these possibilities has a different treatment from chickenpox.

If you have had your complaint checked by a doctor and diagnosed with chickenpox, then the rash that is getting wider, feels hot, and itching that you are currently experiencing may be due to the course of your smallpox disease. These complaints may also arise due to irritation or allergy to the drugs used, or also because the chickenpox virus reactivates and infects nerve fibers causing a new disease called Herpes zoster (snake pox).

However, if you have never seen a doctor before, then it is also very likely that what you are actually experiencing is not smallpox, but other conditions as mentioned above.

Therefore, a wise step that you should take at this time is to check your complaint again with a doctor or specialist in skin and genitalia. Through a direct physical evaluation, your doctor will generally be able to distinguish between chicken pox or other conditions that are more likely to trigger your complaint. Furthermore, the best treatment will be given by the doctor according to the diagnosis of the disease being established.

Currently, you should first take paracetamol so that you feel a little less hot. Shower diligently, do not rub excessively on the rashes that appear on the skin, and always wear loose, soft clothing. Avoid contact between skin and other substances that have the potential to cause allergies or irritation, for example, detergents, or other chemicals. Also avoid using drugs carelessly unless prescribed directly by the doctor who examined you. Finally, always keep your immune system by eating healthy and nutritious foods, sleeping regularly, and being diligent in exercising.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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