Overcoming Children Who Do Not Want To Eat And Always Vomit While Taking Medicine?

Illustration of Overcoming Children Who Do Not Want To Eat And Always Vomit While Taking Medicine?
Illustration: Overcoming Children Who Do Not Want To Eat And Always Vomit While Taking Medicine? yourkidstable.com

Afternoon doctor .. My child has been coughing for 3 days. The body is also anget. Nausea but rarely vomited. My child doesn’t want to eat. Want itENEN and keep drinking water. I have already taken treatment. I’m confused my child always vomits when given the medicine. What if yes my child always vomits while taking medicine. And my child won’t eat. Whereas my child must take medicine. Really confused and sad. Is it okay to just gpp my child without eating rice and snacking? Please the solution? Thank you

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Hello, thank you for the question to HealthReplies.com

First of all, you should explain first, what is the exact age of your child now?

Basically a cold cough in children is most often caused by a viral infection in the respiratory tract. This viral infection does not require specific treatment because it will heal by itself in 7-10 days. If the child has a high enough fever or the fever causes the child to feel disturbed (unable to sleep, fussing, etc.), then the child can be given fever medication. If the fever is not too high (just under 38 degrees Celsius), the drug does not need to be given. Children just need to be given more drink, left to sleep and rest more, given healthy food as much as they can and all they want (no need to be forced to spend food). Do not want to eat when the child is sick is a very normal thing to happen, but this does not mean you may not give food to children at all. If the child is over 6 months old (especially if it's over 1 year old), you should still try to feed the child even if the child refuses to eat (don't force it, but should still be tried even if it only comes in 1-2 tablespoons at a time) .

Regarding the drug given, you should also explain what medication you want to give it. If what you want to give is a cold cough medicine, then you should not need these medicines. Giving a cold cough medicine for children is not recommended because it is proven to not speed healing, it actually increases the risk of side effects in children. If what you want to give is a fever remedy and your child is indeed experiencing a high fever, then you can try giving a fever remedy mixed in his food, milk, or in puree / fruit juice.

You can try to put a humidifier in your child's room, bathe the child in warm water and let the child inhale the water vapor from the bath water, and if your child is over 1 year old, you can give honey to help relieve a child's cough (honey should not be given to children under 1 year). Keep breastfeeding your child as usual, give a gap between breastfeeding and mealtime so that the child will want to eat even if only a little.

If the cough does not decrease after 7 days or you feel the child's cough is getting worse, take the child to the pediatrician for further therapy. If you feel your child is experiencing shortness of breath, immediately take him to the hospital.

So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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