Overcoming Children Who Lack Sleep At Night?

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Why should my child go to bed at 8 then 3 hours to sleep when I play late specs, then I fall asleep and then the specs are between 10 am and 11 am, when I wake up, I am sure to get tired of sleeping at night.

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Need to clarify, how old is your child now? How do the daily activities do? Is there any other complaint he feels? Is there a history of certain diseases that he suffered? Since when was his sleep pattern going on like this?

Children's sleep patterns are mainly shaped by habit factors. Children who are accustomed to sleeping regularly from an early age will understand the difference between day and night, so they will get used to sleeping at night due to fatigue during activities during the day. The quantity and quality of sleep plays a very important role in supporting the growth and development of children, including their intelligence function. Therefore, this condition deserves serious attention.

There are many reasons why a child is often up at night and difficult to wake up in the morning. Apart from being a habit, this condition can also occur due to:

Jet lag Uncomfortable bed environmental conditions, such as too cold, stifling heat, noise, glare, etc. Discomfort in the body, such as tightness, itching, pain, fullness, bloating, etc. Side effects of drugs, such as anti-allergic drugs , anti cough cold, anti nausea, etc. Most of the conditions above are not dangerous. You can try to deal with your child's complaints first through the following steps:

Give children a good understanding of the importance of sleeping regularly. Apply a disciplined wake-up time and sleep every day. It is not easy to do this. In the early days, children will certainly become tantrums because they feel their habits are changed. However, slowly, with good discipline and understanding, children will start to get used to it. Help your child distinguish between night and day. For example, by creating a bright and noisy residence atmosphere during the day, then dark and quiet at night, accompanying him to play during the day, then pretending to sleep at night. Do not hesitate to discipline your child if he is angry when he is awakened or asked to sleep Read a bedtime story at bedtime You can also bathe the child in the evening using warm water so that his body feels relaxed and sleepy faster Does not feed the child too late at night Do not let the child sleep too long during the day Avoid giving drugs indiscriminately to children. Limit children from using gadgets before 10-15 years of age If the above steps still cannot resolve your complaint, even though you have applied it for 1 to 4 weeks, do not hesitate to check your child directly to the doctor or a pediatrician in order to find out other factors that might trigger the complaint. Thus, doctors can provide the best treatment so that their sleep patterns are more regular.

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