Overcoming Cough Colds In Children Aged 4 Years Due To Allergies?

Illustration of Overcoming Cough Colds In Children Aged 4 Years Due To Allergies?
Illustration: Overcoming Cough Colds In Children Aged 4 Years Due To Allergies? raisingchildren.net.au

Aldpkter, my child is 4 years old, often coughs colds, but doesn’t get caught because of what allergies. How do you make him recover fully (not often recurring) from a cold cough without knowing the cause of his allergies? Thanks before.

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Good evening, thanks for the question

Allergy diagnosis is made based on the symptoms experienced and the possible allergens, physical examination to see the symptoms of allergies that appear, and if there are doubts, additional investigations are carried out.

Genetic factors are the most important cause of allergic diseases but environmental exposure, infection, and psychological conditions also often trigger. The mainstay of allergic diseases is prevention of allergens that cause them, but often allergen causes are difficult to identify based on the symptoms that are present, so other investigations are needed.

The examination can be done by calculating total eosinophil levels, total serum IgE levels, and specific IgE levels from blood samples. Then skin tests can be done including intradermal method, skin prick test (SPT), and scratch test (scratch test). Intradermal skin test by injecting an allergen solution into the skin layer causing bubbles to appear, then raising the concentration to cause a reaction. Scratch test has been abandoned because it is less accurate. A skin prick test (SPT) can be performed on inhaled allergens, allergens at work, and food allergens. A drop of allergen extract is placed on the surface of the skin, the superficial layer of the skin is pricked and lifted up with a special needle for the prick test.

Then provocation testing can also be done. Provocation tests are carried out to see the relationship between allergen exposure and symptoms in various organs (skin, conjunctiva, gastrointestinal tract, lungs).

- Test bronchial provocation, allergen extracts with higher concentrations inhaled through the nebulizer to see airway obstruction.

- Food provocation test, if the skin test is negative and the history of reaction to food is doubtful then the food provocation test can be carried out after an elimination diet for three weeks.

Patch test is generally used in cases of eczema due to contact with certain substances. Suspected allergens are placed on the skin and a positive result is a reddish rash reaction within 48-72 hours. In addition to contact dermatitis, patch tests are also carried out to diagnose food allergies in children with atopic eczema.

If allergy-causing substances are known, of course it will be easier to avoid these triggers so that allergies are expected not to recur frequently Consult with your doctor to find out what types of additional tests are appropriate for your child's medical indications.

That's all, hope you can help

Wassalam, Dr. Farah

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